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We provide disability insurance for attorneys. At Attorneys Benefits, our reps work exclusively with attorneys and have the experience to find you the best policies.

Specialty Specific/Own Occupation Disability

Attorneys can become disabled during their working years with the potential loss of substantial income. With Specialty Specific/Own Occupation disability, if you are unable to perform the duties of your specialty, you will receive regular monthly tax free payments. Policy benefits typically are designed to pay to the age of 65, 67, or 70. Whether the circumstances are temporary or permanent, you can count on a regular source of income.

Business or Professional Overhead Insurance

Your practice depends on you. If you get sick or hurt and disabled from your specialty, Business or Professional Overhead Expense insurance can help cover the costs of temporarily running your practice. These benefits can cover your employees’ salaries (non revenue producing) and other expenses, including utilities, supplies, and rent. These plans will also cover the salary of a replacement physician who was not already with the practice before the disability occurred.